Hudson Valley Style Magazine Winter 2020 with Sophia Martelly

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Happy 2020 everyone! We are now officially living in the future, or so we thought just a few years ago building those seem-to-be far away year 2020 plans. How did we do? I think it's been great so far! Artificial Intelligence has gotten way more intelligent and became an essential part of our lives. Google literally wakes me up and puts me to bed every day 🙂 And all it wants back is data, oh well, I personally generate gigabytes of it every day, so there is no shortage here.

Back to Hudson Valley Style though: Fitness and Wellness (one of our focus topics) is everyone's Social Responsibility, just because Earth's aging population needs a lot of help in this area: we need to make sure we don't collapse the Global Economy due to overwhelming medical bills. We are proud to share an amazing and inspiring cover story of Hudson Valley's own fitness warrior Sophia Martelly. She is such an inspiration! However, like anything in life, there is so much beyond the perfect cover, so read on!

- Maxwell Alexander, Editor-in-chief, Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Cover Story with Fitness Trainer Sophia Martelly - Winter 2020 Edition of the Hudson Valley Style Magazine

Hudson Valley Style Magazine™ is a flagship publication of the Duncan Avenue Group™ and Hudson Valley's Premiere Style & Design Publication with a Global Audience. Hudson Valley Style Magazine's focus is to highlight examples of high-end design, style, sustainability and social responsibility concepts in the greater Hudson Valley region and beyond. Hudson Valley Style Magazine shares Duncan Avenue Group's mission and tagline: "Design. Sustainability. Social Responsibility."

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