DA Aromatherapy Collection gives you the power to be your own natural fragrance & aromatherapy designer at your fingertips!

Use our website to create your own aromatherapy mist and body spray. Customize it with just one essential oil or blend up to 3! You can even pick a unique label color so that you don't mix up your custom blends. Go ahead, get creative!

  1. Select Your Top Notes 
    These are the first and most noticeable notes when you first smell the fragrance and include fresh, clean and sparkling citrus and herbaceous, grassy and minty essential oils.

  2. Select Your Mid (or Heart) Notes 
    They open up your natural fragrance's true character, last longer, make a bigger impression and include floral, fruity and spicy essential oils.)

  3. Select Your Base (or Dry Down) Notes 
    They are Earthy, Woodsy, Musky and ground your natural fragrance, balance it and make it last longer.

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