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Bug Spray, Bug Spray with Essential Oils, Insect Repellent, Natural Bug Spray -

It's that time of the year! Weather is beautiful and nature is awakening from the long winter in the beautiful Hudson Valley. It's one of the most amazing things to do in the Valley and Dino, I and our puppies Jack & Vicka are always hiking out there. One thing though, I am really scared of all those bugs, ticks and mosquitos that are just as plentiful in the woods as deer, squirrels and wild turkeys. Until we started DA Aromatherapy Brand we always had a dilemma - go hiking, explore and enjoy nature and spray unsafe chemical repellents onto...

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Essential Oils, Lavender Essential Oil, Natura; Hair Conditioner, Natural Shampoo, Natural Shower Gel, Natural Skincare, Organic Essential Oils -

DA Aromatherapy products are not only meant to take your private Spa experience to the whole new level but also will take you on an amazing aromatic journey throughout breathtakingly beautiful Hudson Valley. Start with Mountain Breeze Revitalizing Shampoo with Organic Lavender and Organic Cedarwood Essential Oils. Then indulge and relax with Zen Garden Natural hair Conditioner with Organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils. And complete your Spa Shower experience with DA Aromatherapy's Bluestone Forest Bath & Shower Gel with Jasmine and Organic Spruce Essential Oils.

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Essential Oils, Gift Basket, Gift Basket Ideas, Lavender Essential Oil, Natural Shower Gel, Natural Skincare, Organic Essential Oils, Peppermint Essential Oil, Travel Set -

Whether it's a birthday or a holiday, special occasion or just a friendly gift - natural bath and skincare products with organic essential oils is always a great addition to your gift basket! DA Aromatherapy's sophisticated design makes it easy to create the right gift basket for you mom or dad, husband or wife. Not to mention our amazing natural and SLS-free shower gels are perfect for skin troubled teenagers. Our vitamins & antioxidants rich skin serums are formulated to nourish and protect face and neck. Paraben-free lotions with organic essential oils will make your hands and body feel and look smooth, nourished and...

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Bed & Breakfast Amenities, Essential Oils, Hotel Amenities, Lavender Essential Oil, Natural Shower Gel, Natural Skincare, Organic Essential Oils, Peppermint Essential Oil, Travel Set -

In the effort to support other local businesses, we have expanded our product selection and developed the Natural Luxury Aromatherapy Guest Experience line of Hudson Valley inspired and Organically Fragrant bath and body products for boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and other hospitality businesses in the Greater Hudson Valley region. With options such as the Essentials Collection or the Spa Experience Collection,  your guest will indulge in a memorable stay and enjoy the benefits of natural skin and hair care products. Our Essentials Collection of Natural Hotel Amenities includes the Organically Fragrant Bath and Body, Skin, and Hair Care line of products such as Bath...

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DA Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Lavender Essential Oil, Natural Body Scrub, Natural Shower Gel, Natural Skincare, Peppermint Essential Oil -

Specially designed to give you a smooth and radiant skin, DA Aromatherapy Body Lotions, Bath and Shower Gels, and Scrubs contain organic essential oils and other natural ingredients to nourish your skin and create an ultimate spa experience at home. Our body lotions, bath and shower gels, and scrubs have been formulated to create a creamy and gentle touch. All of the natural and organic ingredients used in the crafting of our aromatherapy products help your skin recover quickly, increase its elasticity, and supply the moisture it needs to maintain a fresh and healthy look. If you are looking for luxury natural...

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